Newsflash Sacramento!
Great news!  AB 1660 (Kalra), the Court Reporters Board's sponsored bill (co-sponsored by CalDRA and our CCRA colleagues) to protect consumers from abuses by out-of-state, nonlicensee-owned corporations passed off the Senate floor by a vote of 26 to 8.  Thanks to our Sacramento lobbying team, Ed Howard, Jim Gross, Missy Johnson.

For those of you who have questions about the bill, see below.

To Our Respected Colleagues and Members:
As AB 1660 (Kalra) moves further along in the legislative process, we are receiving more and more individual questions about it -- what it does and what it doesn’t do.
As a service to our membership, below is a detailed Q&A about this very good bill and why CalDRA is proud to co-sponsor it with the Court Reporters Board (hereafter referred to as “Board”) and CCRA.
What does the bill do?
In a nutshell, AB 1660 (Kalra):

  • Requires that corporations that arrange for and recruit court reporters in California are registered with the Board.  This means that if a corporation operates unlawfully, the Board can revoke or suspend the registration more easily than it can enforce current law through injunctions.
  • Reiterates that such corporations must obey all the same laws that licensees and licensee-owned firms have to obey. 
  • Just as in Nevada, the bill expressly prohibits court reporters from working for corporations that are not legally operating, i.e., that are unregistered.  (In any registration scheme, this requirement is implied.  A reporter would not lawfully be able to work for an unlawfully operating corporation.)
  • Requires the Board to establish a website so that reporters can easily check to see who is legally operating here.  

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More broadly, the bill will align California law with the good laws in many of the home states of the out-of-state, nonlicensee-owned national corporations that are currently operating outside the law in California, to the benefit of consumers and fair competition here.
Who is sponsoring the bill?  The Board is the lead sponsor, and CalDRA and our colleagues at CCRA are the two other sponsors.
Who is opposed?  The bill is opposed by a group of out-of-state, nonlicensee-owned corporations: US Legal Support, Magna, Esquire, and Veritext. 
Why is this bill needed?  This bill is needed because out-of-state court reporting firms that are closely regulated in their home states, such as Texas and Georgia, claim that here in California, they do not provide court reporting services.  READ MORE

But didn’t the Board win that question in its case against US Legal?  The Board won on the issue it went to court to vindicate: that a nonlicensee-owned corporation that contracts with reporters “renders” (the word used in current law) court reporting services and is subject to laws governing court reporting.  READ MORE

Why not just keep suing to enforce current law?  This is the hardest question, especially as current law prohibits out-of-state corporations from practicing here, and additionally requires corporations that do practice here to be 100% owned by licensees.  READ MORE

What is not in the bill?  It is true that many licensed professions that expressly permit corporate practice by nonlicensee-owned corporations also require a licensee to be on the hook in some fashion. That is, for example, the law in Nevada.  READ MORE

Will the Board come after me if I work for a corporation that is not lawfully operating here?  We are licensed professionals.  We master complex statutes.  We are, like every professional, responsible for knowing the law.  We don’t get to tell our regulatory board, “Oh, sorry!  I didn’t know what the law was!” So, yes, if a reporter works for a renegade corporation because he or she doesn’t bother to check a simple website first, the reporter could possibly be disciplined.   READ MORE

Why do the home states of these companies regulate them as court reporting providers?  Because they obviously provide court reporting services in a manner identical to firms owned by licensees.    READ MORE

As one legislative committee recently wrote:
The ultimate consumer of the transcript is the litigant, and their need to have transcripts that are lawful, honestly and accurately prepared, is the same regardless of the corporate form of the entity that arranged for the proceeding.

AB 1660 (Kalra) is a very important bill that will aid in ensuring a level playing field between people and corporations that provide identical services to legal consumers.  



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